Celebrating the Joy of Living on Mother Earth

In dreams our unconscious pieces together what appear to be random elements.  Jungian dream work captures the essence of these elements to reveal something new.  

My art is similar to dream work.  I begin with hunting and gathering in flea markets, thrift stores, junk yards, trash heaps, roadside ditches and forest litter. 

 Items that intrigue my imagination are ones that show wear and tear.  The patina that comes from use in everyday life has an energy that is honest, unapologetic and beautiful.


 Once home, I allow my intuition to join seemingly disparate items.  I see form rather than function.  Because gleaning yields random elements, duplication of a design is impossible.  My process is like putting together a puzzle, while not having seen the finished product.  The unexpected message is often surprising and always an adventure. 



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Jenny Treanor

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